About Us

We are a group of compassionate and dedicated American K-1 visa lawyers with offices in New York, and Manila, Philippines. Our K-1 visa lawyers possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in assisting American citizen petitioners and their Filipino/ Filipina fiancé's throughout the entire K-1 visa process.

When a client retains our services, they can be assured that they will be receiving professional assistance from licensed US lawyers. We work independently without interference from non-lawyer third parties and hold ethics and professionalism to its highest standards. Our clients are treated with respect, dignity and excellence.

By holding offices in the United States and in the Philippines, we are able assist clients throughout all hours of the day which tends to not only ease tension that is commonly associated with the K-1 visa process but it also enables us to develop a long-lasting bond with our clients.

By retaining our K-1 visa services, our clients are kept in good hands throughout the entire process. Because we are licensed attorneys with offices in Manila, and New York and not mere immigration consultants, we provide numerous advantages including, but not limited to the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of the law
  • Fluency in the entire process
  • Ability to advocate on your behalf
  • Savings in time and energy
  • Preventing administrative delays