How to Apply for Naturalization if your American Spouse is Stationed Abroad

Filipino spouses of American citizens are generally eligible for permanent residency and, eventually naturalization based on their marriage. In general, a Filipino spouse may only be naturalized after showing that they have resided continuously as a green card holders within the United States for a certain prescribed period of time.

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Conviction of a Crime of Moral Turpitude: A Bar to a US Visa

Last January, Robin Padilla shared a video of Mariel Rodriguez and their baby daughter in the United States. He was unable to join them because, despite being granted executive clemency last November, he still does not have a U.S. visa.

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Propose USCIS Policy Changes on Accrued Unlawful Presence for J, F, and M Visa Holders To Affect Filipinos

Filipinos working and studying in the United States under the J-1, F, and M nonimmigrant visas should take note of the proposed changes in the manner of calculating unlawful presence by USCIS.

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Job Opportunities for Filipino Teachers in USA

Times in the United States have become more challenging for American teachers as more teachers protest low pay and education funding shortfalls. Moreso in Arizona where teacher pay is $10,000.00 less than the national average of $59,000.00.

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SC: Foreign divorce obtained by Filipino from foreign spouse now recognized

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court decided last Tuesday that a foreign divorce secured by a Filipino from their foreign spouse will now be considered as valid in the Philippines.

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Fraud in Obtaining US Visas

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos apply for a U.S. visa, whether it be for tourist purposes or to become an immigrant to live out the American dream. However, some have found the process to be too long or the risk of denial to be too great.

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Changes in Immigration Policy

A series of small moves concerning the immigration policy of the US have been undertaken in the past week by the Trump administration.

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U.S. To Require Visa Applicants To Disclose Social Media Handles

In a notice posted on March 30, 2018, the State Department is proposing to revise the collection of biographical information from nearly all visa applicants by requiring them to provide their social media identities on certain social media platforms during the five years preceding the date of application – with an option to list handles not explicitly required.

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